Even if an escort has been working for years, there is not a 100% surety for the safety of an escort who has been hired by someone. Through phone, it is impossible for her to inquire more about the clients while most of the clients do not want to tell their actual details. In such situations, it becomes very difficult for an escort to accept the deal. In the escort business, there is already so much risk, while an escort should never take a risk to go out with a client who hasn’t given his personal details.

Here are shown some ways for escorts using which it will be easier for them to verify their client before having a real date with them.

Check the residential address of the client

You should have the information about the residential information of the client. This will also help you to get information about the relations and the nature of the client. While you should also check that the client shouldn’t involve in any criminal activity in the past. A home visit can also help you to have the better understanding of the client. While you should also ask for some personal records which should match with all the information given by the clients. Otherwise, you should confirm the information given on the details provided by your client before fixing the first appointment for your visit to the client.

Research online about the client

The best way to assure yourself, that client have given the right information is to search online about the information given by the client. You can search on social media about the details of client to confirm all the information. This is the easiest way to make yourself sure that the information given by the client is correct.


Investigate the occupation of the client

Most of the client does not want to share their employment details. While the ones who have some experience with escort service may not hesitate for giving your their occupational details. While you can ask some general information as well. The rest of the information you can be able to access by Internet, you may also try to search the employment information of client on social media like LinkedIn.

Additional phone contact

You should also ask for an additional contact number, so that when you are not getting any response from one number then you can also try on other.

Ready for a visit

A first visit to the client should be a formal visit at a public place while you should check the temperament and try to get more information about the client. After confirming the good nature and behavior of the client you can plan for the real date plan.

You should always remember that whenever a potential client will contact you, he will request you politely. While he may also give you his contact information and name, otherwise there are so many people who would contact you just for having fun and waste your time.

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