Guys do love certain positions while they are having sex. They do fantasize about such positions a lot. While doing such things can also help you to enhance your sexual experience in the bed. When it comes to the positions guys are more imaginative, while you can tame your guys with certain moves which they love. Here are shown some of the sex moves using which you can tame your guy.

Take things slowly

Slow can enhance the intimacy during the intercourse or any other foreplay as well. Slow moments of blow job or hand job can help you to make your partner more excited. It will also help you to bring the sensation of closeness which can help you to increase the sexual desires of your partner.

Facing each other

Looking into the eyes of your partner can help you to enhance the intimacy level in your relationship as well. While kissing and making love with each other, this position is the best. This way you can make your partner feel more attracted towards yourself.


Your flexibility is also a part of your beauty. As you can bend according to the position of your partner. Guys do like flexibility in the ladies, as it becomes easier for the guys to penetrate. While penetration during the intercourse would be more amazing which would make your pussy cum. And it will be less painful as well because of your flexible body.

Pussy cum

Sex on couch

Doing it on the bed is common, but when you try to do it on the couch it is a totally different experience. There is not enough space of your on the couch, which makes the couple bring closer to each other. There are certain positions which you can try while sitting on the couch, which would also make your guy hornier.

Doggy style

Most of the guys do love doggy, as they would like to have the bouncy sensation of lady’s ass during intercourse. While it also helps to increase the penetration as well.

In front of the mirror

Seriously why to watch porn, when you can enjoy seeing your naked self being intimated with your partner in the mirror. This will make you feel hornier, as you can be more intimate and enhance your experience. While watching erotic movements of each other.

These are the certain moves which you can try in the bed. That would help you to tame your guy in the bed.

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