While you want the hard one from your lover, however, you are feeling a lack of something in your romance. Since the thing of your lover is not going deep enough, you are not enjoying the sex as you want. In that case, you can make use of sex toys as you can get adult shop sex toys at a reasonable price. Or you can try different sex positions which would help you to make your penetration deep enough while having intercourse.

Here are shown some of the sex positions which you should try on for better penetration.


Cowgirl ride: In this ride, your partner will lie on the bed while you have to hop yourself facing the front of your lover, as it will help you to get the genital of your lover deep in your G-spot.

Cowgirl’s with helper ride: In case, if you are feeling tired while hopping on your partner, your partner can support you with his hand. That way you would not have any trouble, as you can enjoy sex without getting tired for a long time.

Missionary: You need to lay your back on the bed while your partner would face you from the front. It is a classic pose for having intercourse which makes you feel the intimacy and romance in your sex. To feel the penetration deep enough, you can also try folding your legs on your partner shoulder.

Doggy: Put your knees and hands on the bed and your partner’s genital will come from behind to penetrate your genital. This way you would be able to feel the better penetration during sex.

Leapfrog: While doing doggy you are feeling tired keeping your hands on the bed. In that case, you can rest your hands and head on the bed and your partner will penetrate you from the behind in the same position as in the doggy style.

Seashell: You and your partner need to be in the same position as missionary one while one leg of yours would be raised up. That way your partner could be able to push harder from one side to give you deep penetration.

Scoop me up: Being side by side on the bed in the spooning position bend your knees slightly to get the genital of your partner from behind. That way you would be able to experience better penetration.

These are the sex positions which you can try with your partner for having deep penetration during sex.

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